AUGUST 2-4th 2019


Indian Dance: Bollywood Performance

Bollywood Dhamaka is a Brisbane based dance group dedicated purely to the art of Bollywood, Traditional, Folk and Classical dances; it is one of the very well known Dance institutes in Queensland. Colorful and lively Dance Performances by Bollywood Dhamaka Dance performers. Fully costumed Dancers perform a rehearsed and choreographed popular Bollywood Dance Hits.

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Josh Arnold Festival Song & School Kids Performance

Country music star Josh Arnold grew up in Tara and returns this weekend for a debut performance of our festival song!  Josh, aka “The Outback Fella” has for the last couple of months visited our local small schools and co-written with the kids ‘Small Town Culture’ songs about what makes their communities special.  See each…

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Country Music: Cathy Drummond

Cathy Drummond will be performing across Saturday and Sunday on the country stage inside the festival grounds Cathy Drummond is a renowned performer having entertained from Brisbane to Birdsville, Bowen to Boulia and most places in between. She travels thousands of kilometres entertaining audiences with her unique style – a rich and soulful voice that…

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Country Music: Watling & Bates

Watling & Bates

Watling & Bates are songwriters from Unumgar, on the western edge of the Northern Rivers of NSW.  See them on the country stage in the festival grounds on Saturday and Sunday. Fiddle, banjo, and guitar provide a backdrop for their tales, which recount local history, simple joys, or the complexities of a troubled mind.  Their songs move like a…

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