2 - 4 August 2024


Saturday, Sunday 9:20 am - & after every camel race


At the finish of each camel race there’ll be a race of another kind on the trackside – yabbies!  Gather round for the entertaining auctioning of the yabbies and then cheer the winners across the line.

Session Times



SATURDAY Yabby Races 9:20am Saturday
Yabby Race 10.20am Saturday
Yabby Race 11.20am Saturday
Yabby Race 2.20pm Saturday
Yabby Race 3.20pm Saturday
Yabby Race 4.20pm Saturday
SUNDAY Yabby Races 9.20am Sunday
Yabby Race 10.20am Sunday
Yabby Race 11.20am Sunday
Yabby Race 12.20am Sunday
Yabby Race 1.20am Sunday
Yabby Race 2.20am Sunday

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